In our college we offer students with Transport facilities with 10 Buses. We have purchsed 10 buses at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.5 crore. All the 10 buses are used to daily transportation of students from their home to college with a radius of 60 kms around the college. Every bus has its own seperated route.
A seperate department for transport is being run in our college. There are 11 drivers who are qualified with the license to handle HMV. We have an automobile mechanic , by him we are reparing all minor defects in our buses.
Our buses are furnished with proper safety measures like window safety lining, Emergency exit, first aid box, speed control kit etc., So that students can convieniently travel in the bus.
Every bus has its own bus in-charge staff, so that discipline is maintained stricly. Girsls and boys are not allowed to mingle among themselves inside the bus. Necessary faculty memebrs will be there in the bus for the safety of students to maintain diciplinie.
Number of HMV in our department - 10 Buses.
Number of LMV in our department - 1 Bolero, 1 Truker, 1 Tavera.



The list of routes covered by our buses are given below.
1. Nanguneri Sathankulam, Mannarpuram, Parapadi
2. Tuticorin - Caldwell School Alwar, Vahaikulam, Pudukotai
3. Tisayanvilai Sathankulam, Muthaloor, thatarmadam
4. Tuticorin - Caldwell School Kurumbur, Palayakayal, Spic Nagar
5. Kulasekarapattinam Meiganapuram, Paramankurichi, Udangudi
6. Tuticorin - Caldwell School Kurumbur, Athoor, Tuticorin new bus-stand.
7. Tiruchendur Kurumbur, Ammanpuram, Virapandianpattinam
8. Tuticorin - Caldwell School Kadaiyanodai, Eral, Mukkani
9. Tiruchendur Mukuperi, Nallumavadi, Kayalpattinam
10. Udangudi Meignanpuram

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