1. Facilitating the creation,preservation and dissemination of knowledge and attainment of excellence in different releveant disciplines.
2. Promoting smooth transition from the earlier teacher-centric focus to the required learner-centric educational processes and activities.
3. Enabling the performance for protecting the interest of different stack holders of the college such as students, faculty, staff and society.
4. Developing a sense of ethos among the college community, making them conscious of their obligations to the society and the nation.
5. Accepting the challenges of globalization to offer high quality education and other services in a globally competitive manner.
6. Giving freedom to different stack holders to respond to the following:
a. Introducing participatory management system in the working of the college and making it well suited to its functions/tasks
b. Insulating the college from the interference by agencies outside the college system.
c. Developing a system and structure of working based on responsibility and accountability.
7. Facilitating the college to be flexible and responsive to rapid changes, challenges and opportunities taking place in the society.
8. Establishing a legal frame work for the effective and smooth functioning of the college.
9. Creating an ambience for it to earn the general confidance and respect of the society at large.

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