The  abilities, potentials and energies of student youth are unlimited.   They  require  proper  guidance, inspiration and motivation to become good and useful citizens. The students need good education as well as opportunity for the worthwhile use of their leisure time. In this connection,  our Jayaraj  Annapackiam CSI Polytechnic College, Nazareth has NSS unit.
The regular programmes planned for students will
i)  Improve their hard work.
ii)  Create awareness of knowledge except the textbook.
iii)  Increase the capacity of critical thinking and scientific attitude.
iv)  Promote leadership qualities.
v)  Provide right information on higher education and employment                opportunities.
vi)  Increases interpersonal skills and personality development.
Our Polytechnic college have NSS advisory committee under  the  chairmanship of  the  principal.   The  programme  officer  is  its  member secretary. The new NSS volunteers have to be given general orientation and refresher classes to the second  year  volunteers  by the programme officer. We have one NSS unit of 100 students from I and II year. They have to undergo 120 hours regular work and special camp for 10 days in the NSS  adopted   village  which  is  within 20kms distance from the polytechnic.
The special camp programme has the following activities in the adopted village. They are
1) Literacy programme to the illiterate.
2) Free medical camp and donating blood.
3) Awareness of AIDS, family planning.
4) Cleaning polythene bags and roads.
5) Plumping, wiring in houses.
6) Tree plantation and kitchen gardening.
7) Construction of rain water harvesting.
8) Self employment for women and entrepreneurship.
9) Safety about fire and road accidents.
10) Waste land development and modern agriculture.
For the special camp with the selected NSS college 40 students, local non-student volunteers will also be included.

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