Institution offers excellent hostel facilities separately for both men and women.  Boy students are provided accommodation in 2 buildings with good facilities.  Girl students are provided in one Separate building. Hygienic food and Drinking water are maintained regularly.  Well balanced diet are provided. Four Deputy Wardens are assigned to look after the inmates welfare in their studies, counseling and for other needs.  Morning exercise and Joking are given and to eradicate the inmates passiveness.
We permit monthly once the student to go home.  Hostel day and Tour also be arranged as a part of Entertainment.  Looking the above finest prevailing situations good remarks are spoken from the parents side. Under the apt direction shown by the Chief warden our students feels more than the home atmosphere. College Hostel has dividing mess system.
  Hostel Rules:  
  1.Admission should be made every year.  
  2.Visitors will be permitted only in the allotted time.  
  3.Should not leave the hostel campus with out prior permission.  
  4.Leave will be given  strictly only once in a month.  
  5.Should maintain strict study hour.  
  6.Should not use prohibited items.  

The men's hostel has 30 rooms and the ladies hostel has 25 rooms both can accommodate students conveniently.
The warden assisted by Resident tutors is the admitting authority for the hostel. The hostel mess is run by the mess committee elected by the students headed by the General Secretary and assisted by the Mess Director and other members. As far as Men's Hostel is concerned the mess workers are appointed by the student committee and the salary is paid by the students.

  Fees: At the time of admission is Rs. 10,000/- per year for Hostel development fund, and as we practice dividing system in our hostel, the mess bill for every month may accordingly vary.  

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