As a Christian community that strives to love God with our hearts and our minds, we believe that an attitude of workship should inform all of life, our studies as well as our service to others, our public gatherings as well as our solitary moments. We express our reverence for God through singing and celebration, through reading and reflection on the Scriptures, through silence and prayer, as well as through diligent study and inquiry in our academic endeavors. As a community of learners and of faith, we engage in the open and respectful exchange of ideas in the search for truth and understanding.
Along with the academic curriculum, the Collge sponsors Chapel, Convocation and various special programs, to promote learning and spiritual formation. At least three times a week students gather in the Chapel for large services and presentations. The Chapel helps to define our identity as a community of believers as we undertake our educational mission. Many students, faculty and staff have roles in leading these services and programs.
Participation in Chapel is an integral part of the education, an extension of the core curriculum. Students are expected to regularly attend these services and programs. At the same time, the College offers students a significant measure of choice in fulfilling their responsibilities. While we can often benefit from being together as a full body of believers, throughout the semester there will also be many smaller services and programs. Students are give the freedom to select events that will most meaningfully contribute to their own spiritual growth. Groups and individuals may also collaborate in developing services and programs for the community.

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